01/Romantic partner interactions and leadership

02/Leader-member exchange

03/Coworker nonwork interactions

01/Romantic partner interactions and leadership

I am interested in advancing leadership research by exploring how interactions with romantic partners promote leadership.

How does partners influence leader identity salience and enactment?

(Dissertation, proposal defended)

How does leader's positive disclosure motivate their partner to lead?

(Zhang, Watkins, & Barnes, data collection)

How does partner positive event disclosure promote employee work behaviors?

(Zhang, Watkins, Guarana, & Barnes, R&R)

02/Leader-member exchange

I am also interested in the interactions between leaders and their members.

Being on the same page matters: A meta-analytic investigation of leader–member exchange (LMX) agreement. 

(Yuan, Sun, Effinger, & Zhang, 2023, Journal of Applied Psychology)

03/Coworker nonwork interactions

I study how employees interact with their coworkers during taking break.

How does coworker break invitation promote newcomer adjustment?

(Zhang, Kim, & Yan, manuscript in preparation)

When and why taking microbreaks are helpful or not? Taking breaks and impression management

(Zhang, & Puranik, data collection)